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Liability Insurance


Public liability insurance

As a business owner or employer, you have a legal duty to protect the public from injury or wrongful acts (whether deliberate or negligent) by your business or your employees. If a member of the public is injured or there is damage to property, you could be held legally responsible and risk a lawsuit. If a group of people or number of properties suffers because of your actions, the cost could run into millions. And that is why public liability insurance is so essential!

Products liability insurance

We can arrange liability cover for organisations which manufacture, repair or simply supply goods. If someone suffers illness, injury, death, loss or damage as a result of your actions, you could be held legally liable and sued for a huge sum of money—and there is no financial limit on your total liability. We can search the market for competitive product liability insurance to cover consumer goods, goods used at a place of work (such as chemicals and machinery); foods; building materials; components of a product (such as wheels on a car); and/or raw materials (such as cotton).

Employer’s liability insurance

We can search the market for competitive employer’s liability insurance for your business. This type of cover is a legal requirement, and it allows businesses to meet the costs of compensation and legal fees for employees who are injured or made ill at work through the fault of the employer. Claims could run into the millions—without employers' liability insurance, how would you cope?

Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance protects you and the company against the risks and exposures of running the company (i.e. your liability for mismanagement). Without adequate protection you could risk losing, not only your business, but also your personal assets. This insurance therefore protects you personally and therefore your wealth and lifestyle. The legal costs to defend allegations of wrongful acts alone can be financially crippling for businesses and individuals.

Directors and Officers

This insures you for your personal liability for any decisions you make, and can cover the cost of defending a claim against you and any of your directors/ trustees, officers or employees. It includes any awards or settlements but does not include criminal fines or penalties, and can also cover the costs of legal representation at any official investigation such as a health & safety, environmental or Trade Practices.

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